The Advocate

Episode #93: Heroic Acts

Many of us don’t feel like heroes right now. We may not feel like we have much strength. But we do. There are millions of heroic acts happening every day. Each act is an example of taking one step at a time, staring down fear, and offering hope.

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Episode #92: Helping Others Helps Us

Did you know that studies show the more we focus on helping others, the happier we become? It’s science! So, in this time of COVID-19, one of the most important things we can do for our own well-being is to proactively help others.

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You Are Not Alone

Vigilance is the word that is most frequently used by our team. We are committed to being vigilant in this process to care for you and our front line staff. Extra precautions are required during this time, and we are seeking to provide a safe environment for our employees, guests, and members.

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Episode #91: Sliding Door Moments

How do we build trust? Is it in the grandiose expressions and events? Is it after the game is won or major accomplishment complete? Relationship expert John Gottman, would argue that trust is built in the smallest of moments. Gottman calls these moments “sliding door moments.” 

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