Episode #11: The Gift of Creating

Episode #11: The Gift of Creating

The “what” is easy. Craftwork is a specialty coffee shop and vibrant membership-based workspace. We serve craft coffee and are a connected coworking space.  But you knew that already. Our “why” is what drives us. We create spaces and places so that our team, our members and our customers might experience connection and community.    There is deep contentment in seeing community happen at one of our stores. 

One of the best moments in the movie A Film About Coffee is when farmers from three Honduran farms are served their own coffees as espressos and cappuccinos for what is more than likely the first time. They are experiencing the gift of something they created, and you can see the expressions of deep contentment in their faces. That is the thing about experiencing something good you create. It’s a gift with deep contentment. We hope you have a week and New Year filled with such gifts. Moments of joy, peace, and contentment you had a hand in creating.


Free Drink: Pick a drink, any drink (from our basics menu) when you share what you like best about the movie A Film About Coffee or share a gift you created (Limit of 1 free drink per customer. Offer expires 12/31/18).


Get a Free Day of Coworking!: If you are not a Craftwork coworking member, this Thursday, you can work from Craftwork for free. Come by, check in with our staff, meet our community (they are awesome), grab a seat, and do your thing. Our mission is that you thrive where you work. Spots are limited (4 at Camp Bowie, 4 at Magnolia, and 4 at Foundry). Find the location closest to you and RSVP here: Camp Bowie, Magnolia, or Foundry (limit one day per person).

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