Episode #14: Awaking Possibility

Episode #14: Awaking Possibility As Leaders

We believe all people need encouragement, deserve gifts, and thrive when they are connected. Our hope for this short note is that it encourages you through the inspirational Benjamin Zander, gifts you with a free Cappuccino, and connects you with our community through a free day of coworking.

Since 1979, Benjamin Zander has been the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic. According to Zander, a conductor’s success depends on his ability to make others powerful. In a musical performance, the conductor never makes a sound and never plays a note. Thus, the success as a conductor is directly tied to his or her ability to empower and awaken possibility in other people. What a great reminder to those of us who are leaders (hint: that’s all of us). Friends, may we awaken the possibility in those we lead and influence this week. Awaking Possibility


Free Cappuccino when you share how you are awaking possibility by empowering others. (Limit of 1 free drink per customer. Offer expires 1/21/19.)


Come and work in community! If you are not a Craftwork coworking member, this Thursday, you can work from Craftwork for free. Come by, check in with our staff, meet our community (they are awesome), grab a seat, and do your thing. Our mission is that you thrive where you work. Spots are limited (4 at Camp Bowie, 4 at Magnolia, and 4 at Foundry). Find the location closest to you and RSVP here: Camp BowieMagnolia, or Foundry (limit one day per person).

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