Episode #17: Connection Culture

Episode #17: Connection Culture


Friends, we believe:

Everyone we meet is fighting a hard battle, so….we encourage!
Trust is built when you give and do not expect anything in return, so… we give!
People thrive when they are part of a community, so….we connect!

We write the Weekly Advocate to encourage, gift, and connect you. We hope that we accomplish our aim.

More and more people are “lonely and longing for connection today”. We hope this article is an encouragement to you because it highlights the core of our mission at Craftwork: to see our customers and members feel smarter, happier, and more productive through connection and community.

Enjoy and have a great week!


Free Drip Coffee when you share your thoughts on the article or stories from where you have experienced connection culture. (Limit of 1 free drink per customer. Offer expires 2/11/19.)


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