Episode #24: Your Happiness Portfolio

Episode #24: Your Happiness Portfolio

The “what” is easy. Craftwork is a specialty coffee shop and vibrant membership-based workspace with locations in Fort Worth and Austin. We serve craft coffee and are a connected coworking space. But you knew that already. Our “why” is our heart – we desire to create spaces and places where our members and customers experience connection and community.



Happy Monday to each of you.

Arthur Brooks is a teacher, musician, and writer who researched over 100 social science studies from the past 40 years in order to really get to the bottom of what makes us happy. At the Aspen Ideas Festival, he articulated his ideas in a talk he called A Formula For Happiness. According to Brooks’ research, there are four major areas he calls the “Happiness Portfolio” which are areas under our control that can increase our happiness and well being if we pursue them habitually. At Craftwork, we get particularly fired up about two of these areas as they are at the heart of what we hope to create and curate: Connected Community and Meaningful Work.

We hope this week’s Advocate encourages you, gifts you, and connects you towards advancement of your own community and meaningful work.

Connected Community is when we have other people who feel pain with us when we suffer and feel joy when we thrive. It is the increasingly rare experience of having people who suffer and celebrate alongside us. Meaningful Work is when we know that there are other people who receive benefit from the work we do. It is when we know our talents, abilities, and time are being used to empower ourselves and create value for others. Our hope is that, over time, connected community and meaningful work grow in your happiness portfolio.


To help you build into your connected community, when you bring a friend who has never been to a Craftwork, we will give them a free drink of their choice (from our basics menu). (Honor code on bringing a friend new to Craftwork and limit of 1 free drink per customer. Offer expires 4/1/19.)


To help more people be in a workspace that increases their happiness portfolio, today we are announcing our Spring Special which runs until 5/1/2019. With a 12 month membership, you will receive your first month free. For a 6 month membership, you will receive your first two weeks free. If you are interested in touring our workspace, you can book a tour here. For first time tours of our workspace, we are giving a free Day Pass ($30 value).

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