Episode #5: Hold Fast

Episode #5:  Hold Fast

At age 14, Sarah Kay hid under the bar of the famous Bowery Poetry Club in Manhattan’s East Village in order to be around New York’s spoken word scene. Not long after, she was on stage sharing her own poetry alongside performers she had looked up to for years. Sarah is now a best selling author and performs spoken word around the world. We found her poem If I should have a daughter particularly encouraging, so we wanted to share it with you today.

Like each of you, Sarah has a unique gift. Sarah’s gift happens to be arranging words like an orchestra conductor arranges musical notes. Choosing words. Arranging tones. Amplifying meaning through her perfect timing. Every decision carefully curated to leave an impact. In the case of this 3 minute poem, the meaning amplified to each of us is: “Hold Fast and Take Heart”  If I should have a daughter


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