Episode #57: Paying Better Attention

Episode #57: Paying Better Attention

The “what” is easy. Craftwork is a specialty coffee shop and vibrant membership-based workspace with locations in Fort Worth (Foundry, Camp Bowie, Magnolia) and Austin (Domain). We serve craft coffee and are a connected coworking space. But you knew that already. Our “why” is our heart – we desire to create spaces and places where our members and customers experience connection and community.



You may have noticed that we write the following at the end of each of our Weekly Advocates:

You get a lot of emails (we know). If this is not in the top 10 emails you get today, then you should unsubscribe. Life’s too short to be distracted by emails. Focus fully on the things that matter most.

The reason we write this is that we believe your time is precious. Increasingly, most of our time is being turned into what this article in The Atlantic calls “continuous partial attention”. Our phones (and the emails contained therein) are a prime culprit of this distracted state that we live in.

To be who we want to be as friends, parents, children, and coworkers, “continuous partial attention” isn’t going to cut it. So this week, we want to encourage, connect, and gift with the hope that it might help us become a little less distracted.

A life filled with “continuous partial attention” is one where we can’t fully or truly enjoy things. To really appreciate a good book, conversation, or sunset, there needs to be full attention in the moment. To do our best deep work, we need undistracted time to progress into deeper levels of work similar to how we progress into deeper levels of sleep. So what can we do when being easily distracted is part of the water we swim in? We don’t have all the answers, but here are three tips. One, carve out phone-free times in your home and work. These are blocks of time when no interruption from a text, email, or Slack is going to hijack the minutes that you need to connect, read, or create. Two, when you’re in an important meeting or conversation, don’t have your phone with you. Seriously. Leave it behind. Third, ahead of an important time with someone, write 3 to 5 questions on an index card that will draw you into being present with the person you are with. Our guess is that paying better attention will be much more of a journey than a destination. We are happy to be on that journey with you.


Like our coffee bags say: “Coffee creates a rhythm of life that connects us to each other”. We believe this. So we want to offer one way to be present this week! Have a coffee with a good friend (and let us pay for your friend’s coffee). When you bring a friend who has never been to a Craftwork, we will give them a free drink of their choice (from our basics menu). One rule though for the free drink to apply: Neither you or your friend can have your phone out! (Honor code on bringing a friend new to Craftwork, and no phone rule. Limit of 1 free drink per customer. Offer expires 7/15/19.)


Here are two events for you to come, connect, and practice being present at this month (cell phone optional):

The Grand Berry Theater Grand Opening: Our friends Jimmy and Brooke are opening The Grand Berry Theater the evening of July 13th.  As some of you know, Jimmy is a Craftwork Member and we have had the privilege to see this journey from early on. We could not be more proud and excited for he and Brooke as they open! Their mission for The Grand Berry Theater is to promote community and encourage understanding through film. Come join a great group of people on July 13th from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm! RSVP and get your tickets here.

Craftwork Austin Opening Party: As many of you know, this past Saturday we opened our newest location: Craftwork Domain in Austin. To existing Fort Worth friends and new Austin friends, we are excited to invite you to our Opening Party on the evening of July 25th. Enjoy great food, live music, great Craftwork coffee of course, and more! You can RSVP to the party here.

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