Episode #60: Relational Compound Interest

Episode #60: Relational Compound Interest

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Albert Einstein once described compound interest as “the eighth wonder of the world”. So why did one of greatest scientist of our time get so excited about compound interest? Because of the marvelous results it creates.

Simply put, compound interest is interest on the interest that is being built up over time. As we earn interest, it gets added to the accumulated amount. This process can go a long way in making an initial investment something very substantial over time.

We think it is a good idea to apply the power of compound interest to all areas of life. For sure in investments, but maybe more importantly to relationships. We hope that this Advocate encourages you towards seeing the long term benefits of relational compound interest.

Relational compound interest means investing in our key relationships over the long term. One impact of this is as time increases, trust, grace, and respect compounds. This of course happens over the long term. The short term in any relationship can be difficult. However, our relationships that have compound interest of trust, grace, and respect built up over time are invaluable to our life compared to more casual relationships. So invest in your key relationships over the long term, even during hard years. In doing so, relational compound interest may create the most important results in your life.


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