Episode #61: Incarnate Over Virtual

Episode #61: Incarnate Over Virtual

The “what” is easy. Craftwork is a specialty coffee shop and vibrant membership-based workspace with locations in Fort Worth (Foundry, Camp Bowie, Magnolia) and Austin (Domain). We serve craft coffee and are a connected coworking space. But you knew that already. Our “why” is our heart – we desire to create spaces and places where our members and customers experience connection and community.



Good morning and hope this finds you well.

The author of this Advocate recently had an entire meeting with a teammate in a Google Doc and Slack. It was efficient…and kind of amazing. The thought that comes to mind after experiencing a meeting like this is: Why not do every meeting like this? Efficiency from technology is very tempting and physical human interaction can be messy. So why do we need to push for human interaction? Why do we need to push for the incarnate over virtual? Because there is no substitute for face-to face interactions in creating social capital and connection.

We hope this finds you well and as always, we hope we get the opportunity to physically see you soon at Craftwork.

We love technology and what it creates and enables. Being able to send you a virtual encouragement like the Advocate is wonderful. As amazing as technology is, there is something special that happens in physical spaces. In a world of screens, we believe in the importance of shared spaces, adventures, and meals. We encourage you to maximize technological efficiency while having a bias toward human connection. How might tech enable us to be physically present with others? The answers to those questions will help us build social capital and connection in an increasingly virtual world.


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