The Advocate

Episode #15: Never Lose Infinite Hope

All of them are worth repeating and contemplating on this holiday where we remember the self-evident truth that all are created equal and are endowed with certain unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. May we never lose infinite hope for this reality. 

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Episode #14: Awaking Possibility

In a musical performance, the conductor never makes a sound and never plays a note. Thus, the success as a conductor is directly tied to his or her ability to empower and awaken possibility in other people.

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Episode #13: Opportunity in Adversity

This week’s tool of a Past Year Review (“PYR” for short), is a way to decide what to say “yes” and “no” to based on takeaways from our previous year. We adapted our version of the PYR from the Tim Ferris version. It takes less than an hour to complete and we hope it helps us look back as an informed way to improve our lives going forward.

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Episode #12: Kaizen

“Kaizen” is a Japanese word that means “incremental and continuous improvement” or “change for the better”. Kaizen is a philosophy of improvement that says the best type of improvement involves long obedience in the same direction, making sustainable changes over time. Kaizen also happens to be a core value of Craftwork.

Our motivation for Kaizen is rooted in our mission to provide a place where your experience gets incrementally better over time. We hope this short note encourages you, gifts you, and connects you towards Kaizen this week and New year.

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