The Advocate

Episode #59: Be A Rational Optimist

Each of us are generally wired towards either being more optimistic or more pessimistic. There are advantages we can take from each disposition to arrive at the most healthy of states as a rational optimist.

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Episode #58: An Antidote For Insecurity

Could one cause of insecurity be thinking too much about ourselves? If so, could an antidote to insecurity be the intentional focus on others rather than ourselves?

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Episode #57: Paying Better Attention

A life filled with “continuous partial attention” is one where we can’t fully or truly enjoy things. To really appreciate a good book, conversation, or sunset, there needs to be full attention in the moment.

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Episode #56: How Are You?

“What did you do today?” is a good question. It can spark conversation and shows sincere interest, but there might be a better question

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