The Advocate

Episode #4: Saying “Yes”

Shonda Rhimes describes that saying “yes” to playing with her children likely saved her life and her career. She discovered that work doesn’t work without play, and that the act of play helped her get her “hum” back. May it be so for you too friends.

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Episode #3: Leaders Eat Last

Leadership is a choice. It is a choice to look after the ones we are leading before ourselves. Putting your team before yourself is the choice a real leader makes. And when real leaders make this choice, they create environments of trust and cooperation around them. And the great news is that leadership is not a position or rank – it’s available to anyone who chooses to lead.

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Episode #2: Humility

Teams with humble leaders perform better, do higher-quality work, and are more likely to have upper-management teams that work smoothly together. So, instead of being leaders who applaud ourselves, let’s aspire to become humble leaders who share accolades and praise others. 

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Episode #1: Vulnerability

Vulnerable people “believe they are worthy of love and belonging” and have “courage to be imperfect”. They are willing to let go of who they thought they should be, to be who they are. So friends, instead of numbing vulnerability, might we embrace it?

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