Store Lead

Fort Worth, TX

The Store Leader leads the charge in Fort Worth, dedicating their time to identifying and implementing the initiatives necessary to set up their store for success. They are the director of all things workspace, coffee, people, engagement, and most importantly, our mission.

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I am not driven by outside pressure, but an internal standard of excellence that is unyielding.

I love teams and find joy in the tension of imperfect individuals working alongside each other.

I am reliable and loyal to my commitments and feel pain when I am unable to deliver on them.

I pursue meaningful change that only occurs through steady, incremental progress.

I err on over-communicating with my teams to ensure that we are moving in the same direction.

I am attentive to aesthetics and understand how they affect people’s experience of the world.

I ensure that work doesn’t control me by participating in community and personal development.

I know a gap between my vision and reality will always exist and I believe that is a good thing.

Job Features

You lead the business.
The SL leads the charge in Fort Worth. The SL dedicates their time to identifying and implementing the initiatives necessary to set up their store for success. They are the director of all things workspace, coffee, people, engagement, and most importantly, our mission in Fort Worth.

You set the culture.
The SL ensures we continue to earn the right to attract and retain top-tier talent, as well as the staying power to develop that talent. This goes beyond a cool environment/product and a decent paycheck. The SL works in conjunction with the Director of Coffee Experience to unlock staff potential and better their futures. Additionally, the SL participates in developing strong culture among our customers through radical hospitality and a spirit of connectedness.

You train the team.
In order to scale, we need a rock solid foundation of training curriculum, continuing education, a referenceable knowledge base of all procedures, and a system for testing each skill and level of proficiency (“The Craftwork Playbook”). The SL will partner with the Director of Coffee Experience to create this content, incorporate feedback from the executive team, finalize, and implement.

You spread the word.
Traditional marketing is lame, and we believe that creating memorable experiences for our customers is the best way to “market” Craftwork. To accomplish this goal, we need a clear, consistent voice across all marketing channels including: content creation, social media, local partnership opportunities, email campaigns, website, and other materials.

The SL will harness Craftwork’s sustainable competitive advantages to broadcast stories that focus less on the product and more on our desire to connect people, serve humbly, and propel their success.

Job Functions

  • Meets weekly with Director of Coffee Experience to discuss strategy, business needs, market trends, and monthly goals
  • Plays key role in hiring, training, and developing staff. Takes corrective action as needed
  • Assesses store performance, including financial results, guest feedback, product quality, key initiatives, and team development
  • Ensures standards for product quality, equipment, and team performance are maintained and that cost-effective procedures and technology are used to maximize production
  • Develops, monitors, and reports on operating costs within functional areas. Uses data driven decision making to propose recommendations
  • Drives coworking occupancy through effective marketing plan and member experience
  • Manages new workspace member pipeline (respond to inquiries, setup tours)
  • Communicates with workspace members (payments, fob management, etc)

Job Requirements

  • College education is ideal, but experience is more valuable than a degree
  • Passion for managing teams (2-3 years of experience is preferred)
  • Love for solving problems that others can’t
  • Dedication to clear communication and honesty
  • Ability to thrive in high-stress environments
  • Gifted at diffusing conflict
  • Willingness to get their hands dirty
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