No. 1 – Sunda Hejo (Single Origin)



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Indonesia, Java, Washed
Tasting Notes: Molasses, Tropical, Cacao

Coffee is as diverse as the chain of people who grow, process, roast, and serve it. Whether a coffee is going to stand alone as a single origin, or end up in one of our carefully crafted blends, we put forth every effort to ensure that it is given the attention it deserves. All of our coffee is roasted in small batches in Fort Worth, TX and is available nationwide.

We started this company to create a specialty coffee experience that is simple, unintimidating, and approachable for everyone. In line with this effort, we have designated our coffees by number. Our No. 0 is our decaf coffee. The No. 1 designation is used for all of our single origin coffees. The No. 2 is our first blend that was roasted with drip coffee in mind. Our No. 3 blend is a sweeter richer roast that was profiled for espresso, but is excellent as a drip coffee as well!

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2.5 lb, 12 oz

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Ground, Whole

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